Welcome to Arti Light Group


Arti Light Group is a lighting distributor and manufacturer representative with deep knowledge and experience in lighting design and energy saving applications. We provide all kind of lighting fixtures, lamps, poles, replacement parts and upgrades for any project. Also we offer value-engineering, design/build new construction and professional lighting maintenance services. We have been serving commercial, institutional, industrial, hospitality and residential clients as well as national accounts and government projects in Puerto Rico for almost three decades.


Creative problem solving for our clients is our commitment. Our large offering of quality lighting products and strong relationships with all of our vendors enables us to offer competitive pricing and quick delivery!


Key Products and Services Offered:

  • Interior and exterior specification grade lighting fixtures and poles.
  • Institutional hazardous and harsh environment lighting fixtures.
  • Lighting consultation provided by a lighting professional certified as LC by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP).
  • Decorative yet funtional lighting fixtures for high end clients.
  • LED and solar energy saving lighting systems.


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Energy Saving LED Technology

We provide the latest technology in energy LED with the longest life available for any application.

Color Rendering Index CRI

A high CRI is desirable in color-critical applications such as grocery and clothing stores, restaurants, museums and medical facilities.

Street Lighting

A fixture with good light distribution is required for a cost effective street light system resulting in fewer poles and energy saving.

Restaurant Lighting Design

Make sure to create a nice mood in your restaurant with a proper lighting design.

Sports Lighting Systems

We provide equipment, consultancy, design and validation services for any sports lighting project.

Lighting for Special Applications

We provide specialty lighting equipment and consultancy for critical applications.

Our Core Lighting Services

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting products for demanding applications such as explosion proof, clean room, water proof, wash-down and corrosive ambient.

Outdoor Architectural Lighting

We provide architectural lighting poles and fixtures for any application, classic or contemporary with the latest LED technology.

Commercial Lighting Products

Count on us for any commercial lighting application. Proper lighting design is necessary for commercial effectiveness and energy conservation.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports Lighting

Proper lighting for sports facilities requires multidisciplinary coordination. We offer quality sports lighting products and also consultancy services for this interesting discipline.

Retrofit and/or Repair Existing Lighting

We offer LED retrofits for any lighting application and for almost any lighting fixture.We also provide replacement lighting plastics for worn fixtures of any kind.

Street, Parking and Outdoor Area Lighting

Count on us for your next LED street and area lighting project. We also provide Solar lighting poles. We also provide lighting design services.


Custom Lighting Products

Looking for a custom lighting pole?

Our manufacturers can help you in the design and fabrication on almost any architectural, ornamental or decorative lighting pole. We offer products in aluminum, painted or galvanized steel, fiberglass or stainless steel for any lighting application

Looking for a special custom unique fixture?

We can help!. We have manufacturers that can design and fabricate the fixture you have in mind. Please send us the drawing of that idea you have in mind. Let us the help you.

Need to illuminate an art sculpture or artwork with integrated lights?

We can work with the artist to incorporate lighting on any of your new or existing artwork, no matter the size, small or monumental.

Need special corrosion resistant lighting fixtures and poles for your next beachfront or industrial project?

We can provide custom corrosion resistant poles in aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass or stainless steel for any application. We also provide corrosion proof landscape lighting and design-consultancy services.

Latest News about our Industry

Hurricane Poles

Make sure you specify our hurricane high wind resistant poles.

Underwater Lights

Please ask us for our fixtures suitable for fountain underwater and pool lighting. Also we offer light fixtures suitable for intermittent water immersion in flood prone areas.

Special Designs

We will help you with the design and fabrication of this special pole fixture combination you have in mind.

LED Retrofit

Need to retrofit your old lamp post with the newest LED Technology? We have it all. We can provide also new replacement parts for your old lighting fixtures, so they can look as new.

High Mast Poles and Lowering Devices

Our represented manufacturers can design and fabricate high mast systems and tall structures for the most demanding applications.

Solar lighting Systems

We can provide either grid-tied or off-grid lighting systems for your project. Individual Solar powered lamp posts are also available.