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  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Hurricane Resistant Poles
  • Fountain Systems
  • Special Custom Designs
  • Solar Systems
  • High Mast Systems


Lighting Quality is important!

Lighting quality goes beyond energy and cost and light levels to include brightness, light distribution, color, aesthetics, daylight, ease of use for controls, and other issues. While many of these are covered by individual recommendations and metrics enabling optimization for a given space, there is no single lighting quality metric. 


Does My Building Need a Lighting Retrofit?
How do you know if you need a lighting retrofit? It’s a valid question to ponder; not every commercial and institutional building requires a lighting retrofit, depending on its age, the current systems in place, and future energy or sustainability goals.

To determine whether your building would benefit from a lighting retrofit, ask yourself these questions:

·         Do I want to reduce my building’s lighting energy costs?

·         How old is my building’s lighting technology?

·         Is any of my building’s lighting about to be phased out due to code changes?

·         Am I spending more than I’d like on lamp maintenance and replacement costs?

·         Are there certain parts of my building that are difficult to service?

·         Are my lights in use for more than 12 hours per day?

·         Does my lighting system support our organization’s sustainability initiatives?


Why select Hurricane resistant poles?

Hurricanes are getting stronger. We provide the most advanced hurricane wind resistant poles in the market suitable for installing lighting fixtures, signage, traffic lights, cameras, solar panels and even lightning systems. Even if you need a special pole for a special application, please contact us. Our manufacturers can design and fabricate based on your special needs. Poles can be supplied in painted steel, corrosion resistant galvanized steel, corrosion proof fiberglass, corrosion resistant aluminum. High mast structures are also available.

Why install a fountain feature in your property?

Fountains are used today to decorate city parks and squares; to honor individuals or events; for recreation and for entertainment. A Splash pad or spray pool allows city residents to enter, get wet and cool off in summer. Thmusical fountain combines moving jets of water, colored lights and recorded music, controlled by a computer, for dramatic effects. Fountains can themselves also be musical instruments played by obstruction of one or more of their water jets. Drinking fountains provide clean drinking water in public buildings, parks and public spaces.  Arti Light Group can help you in the design, maintenance and installation of any type of fountain in your property.


Need a Special Custom Design? No problem!

We can help you in the design of the special custom interior or exterior lighting fixture you are looking for. Also we can help you in the unique design of your pole in any material available in the market. Our different manufacturers can work with custom painted steel, corrosion resistant galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and even decorative concrete. Special corrosion resistant coatings are also available.

Looking for a Solar Lighting System? Ask us first.

Solar lamps can be easier for customers to install and maintain as they do not require an electricity cable. Solar lamps can benefit owners with reduced maintenance cost and costs of electricity bills. Solar lamps can also be used in areas where there is no electrical grid or remote areas that lack a reliable electricity supply. As of 2016, LED lamps use only about 10% of the energy an incandescent lamp requires. Efficiency in production of LED lamps has led to increased adoption as an alternative to other electric lighting. LED lights are used due to their high luminous efficiency and long life. Under the control of a DC charge controller, non-contact control automatically turns on the light at dark and switches off at daytime. It sometimes also combines with time controllers to set curtain time for it to automatically switch light on and off.

High Mast systems, think Arti Light Group

High-mast lighting is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground, usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. It is used at sites requiring lighting over a large area. The pole that the lighting is mounted on is generally at least 30 m (98 ft) tall (under this height it is referred to as conventional lighting system),[1] while the lighting consists of a luminaire ring surrounding the pole with one or several independent lighting fixtures mounted around it. Most units have four, six or eight lights in the ring, with three, five, ten, twelve and sixteen lights used in rarer instances. As requested, we can provide the lighting fixture surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or light trespass from affecting neighborhoods adjacent to the highway. Maintenance of these systems are done by lowering the luminaries ring from the mast head to the base using a winch and motor to the ground or at a height accessible by a cherry picker and located in areas to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic.


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